Amazing hotel bathrooms around the world

A great hotel room not only provides a bed to rest and a couple of other accommodations to make a traveller’s life easy. It must include a plethora of facilities and services aimed to remove any concern and provide every guest with a pleasurable and unforgettable experience. With every year that passes, hotels around the world aim to provide the best possible experience to their loyal customers, and this means that they are constantly innovating in every way, including bathrooms!

Bathrooms are the most important feature of a hotel room

These improvements are made because a bathroom is one of the most important facilities of a hotel room, making a great difference in quality and guest experience, specially for those who are always looking for comfort and luxury, looking for a break from their everyday routine without letting aside their bathroom rituals.

For example, if you rest at the Post Ranch Inn’s Upper Pacific Suite, you can enjoy a beautiful view as you take an outdoor bath in a stainless-steel hot tub that contrasts pretty well with the elegant, wooden suite.

Another amazing hotel bathroom is located at the Beachfront Villa at Viceroy Anguilla. This exclusive suite includes two roomy bathrooms, giving you the opportunity to choose between a hot bath indoors or a calming shower under the sun in its private, outdoor relaxation area.

If you’re on holidays, then pleasure is your priority. In this case, you should check Ponta Dos Ganchos’s Emerald Villa, a luxury suite on the coast of southern Brazil. It is completely made of wood and excels thanks to its private Jacuzzi tub, coupled with a panoramic view of Brazilian waters. It truly feels like a paradise!

Finally, there’s the Panorama Suite, located in the Switzerland’s recently built luxury hotel, The Alpina Gstaad. This three-bedroom suite includes, among its many amenities, a whole range of options for personal care. Besides a beautiful cabinet installation for all your care products, you can choose between a freestanding soaking tub or your private spa, where you can enjoy the warmth of a Jacuzzi, relax under the falling water of an open shower or ease up tension under the starlight in the steam room.

These hotels around the world have top-quality bathroom facilities within their rooms and suites, balancing beautiful structures and builds with unforgettable views, luxury tubs, and showers, as well as other amenities, making even the most demanding guest fall in love immediately!